Roasted Ham and Potatoes

Does anything smell better than a house with a ham in the oven? I am pretty sure when I die and go up to heaven I will be greeted at the Pearly Gates by the smell of a roasted ham and potatoes. As we all know, God is a Foodie after all.

The great thing about ham is the lack of effort required to roast it well. Seriously, you have to be a pretty bad cook to screw up ham. Ham is already pre-cooked; you are just slowly bringing it back up to temperature. If you can’t do that I suspect you may have required floaties in the gene pool.

I typically don’t get overly concerned with roasted ham recipes. 99% of ham recipes only flavor the exterior of the ham with glazes or seasonings, resulting in every interior slice of ham tasting the same regardless. However, adding a glaze to your ham is great for roasting ham and potatoes in the same pan!

Laying potatoes around the base of your ham and then occasionally basting your ham will result in the glaze and ham juices pooling together in a hot sticky potato bath of yumminess! As your ham slowly bakes the potatoes will soak in the pooling juices; gently boiling, roasting, and frying. By the time your ham is done your potatoes will be heavenly!

Don’t use russet potatoes for this recipe. You need red or golden potatoes. They hold up better to longer cooking times without falling apart. The thyme, honey and cider vinegar in this recipe will give these potatoes exceptional flavor!

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‘Zza Odyssey Appleton WI Review

'zza OdysseyMy wife and I were fans of Brother’s Three Pizza in the strip mall by HuHot, and so we were a little concerned when we found out that the owners were splitting with the franchise and starting ‘zza Odyssey independently.

Saturday night I was hungry for pizza so we decided to check out ‘zza Odyssey for ourselves.  Actually, if I am being honest, every night I am hungry for pizza.  Pizza is my favorite comfort food and I probably eat it way more than I should. Therefore I feel like I have fairly high standards for what constitutes a good pizza. Continue reading

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Quick and Easy Crock Pot Shredded Beef Sandwiches

Shredded beef sandwichesSometimes I’m lazy. I know it. I take pride in trying to be productive, but I don’t always succeed. This can be particularly true when it comes to cooking. I would love to make a home cooked meal every night, but if I am getting home from work at 7:30pm, home cooked meals go the way of leprechauns, unicorns, and Miley Cyrus’ decency.

When I don’t have the time or energy to make a meal myself I head for something quick and easy. Oftentimes that means some processed crap out of the freezer, but when I am being smart I’ve planned ahead and I have something delicious ready to heat up like this quick and easy shredded beef recipe.

I never really cared for shredded beef sandwiches growing up. They tasted overly simplistic and boring. Hardly anything I would ever crave. If that has been your experience with it as well I recommend giving my recipe a try. This recipe is amped up with a generous dose of seasonings, a deep smoky flavor, and just a touch of sweetness. I promise your house will smell amazing. Continue reading

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Herb Stuffing Made from Scratch – Better than Stove Top!

Ingredients for stuffing made from scratchThe most wonderful thing about stuffing
Is stuffing’s a wonderful thing.
The top is coated in Parmesan
And the bottom will make you sing!

It’s fluffy, roughly rather puffy,
Fun , Fun, Fun, Fun
But the most wonderful thing about stuffing
Is that Stove Top’s not the only one!

Ok pardon my lame poem. But let’s be honest, you’ll be singing it later. You’re welcome.

Stove top stuffing is probably my favorite holiday side dish. However, stuffing is one side dish I rarely liked people’s made from scratch version better. I’ve never cared much for many of the additions people put in it. As far as my tongue is concerned, a good stuffing should be bursting with herb flavor, seasonings and perhaps some salty Parmesan. So finally a few years ago I set out to see if I could create my own version of Stove Top stuffing and created this herb stuffing made from scratch. Continue reading

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Growing an Indoor Winter Garden

Thyme growing indoorsIt is no secret that I like gardening. Well, it may be a secret if you don’t know me. And I guess most of your reading this don’t know me, so maybe it is a secret. Crap. I told you my secret! I never was much good at keeping secrets. What is this anyways, an inquisition?!?

Well, if you must know I have a bit of a green thumb. Spring is my Christmas. It’s that time of year when I start unwrapping all my pretty little packets of seeds with a childlike giddiness and start germinating them into future salads, stews and toppings. By the end of gardening season I am a little relieved as it takes a lot of effort to keep up on the harvest, but quickly enough I find myself longing for the end of winter so I can get started all over again.
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