Eggrolls Inc Review – Appleton, WI

Eggrolls Inc - Appleton, WII was fortunate enough to get an invite to Eggrolls Inc., a new restaurant located in the strip mall alongside Appleton’s westside Walmart. I receive similar invitations on occasion, and though I am always happy to partake in the free sustenance, they don’t always result in a restaurant review on I informed the owner of this caveat, and like Babe Ruth calling his home run, he replied that once I sample his fresh eggrolls I would want to write about them!

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Grilled Chipotle Chicken Salad with Lime and Cilantro

Grilled chipotle chicken salad with lime and cilantro

There is a spider in my house! Where is my brother when I need him?! My wife has this crazy idea since I am the man of the house I am also the chief exterminator and crusader against of all things creepy. But that isn’t what I had planned growing up. I remember once seeing…

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Grilled Whole Onion Recipe

Grilled whole onion recipe

If grocery stores charged like hospitals you would checkout without knowing your total, be billed by produce the following week, meat department the month after that, and dry goods a month or two later only after they had time to fully process your coupons to see how much of the discount General Mills would decide…

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How to Grill a Whole Chicken Over Charcoal

How to grill a whole chicken over charcoal

Shortly after my wife and I started dating we took a weekend trip to Chicago. In-between getting lost looking for that giant metallic bean from outer space that landed in Millennium Park, and getting drenched with a deluge of puddle water from a passing car because I wasn’t smart enough to roll up my window,…

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Pie Dough Piggies

Pie dough piggies recipe

Call them pie dough pinwheels, pie dough cinnamon rolls, or perhaps even pie dough piggies. I call it a great use for pie scraps! What is a pie dough piggy? It is a savory concoction comprised of your leftover pie dough, a healthy helping of butter, as well as a generous dose of cinnamon and…

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The Appleton Farmers Market

Appleton Farmers Market

The Appleton Farmers Market kicked off this weekend! Running Saturday mornings from June until October, it is one of the largest farmers markets in Wisconsin. Though, it is certainly not the only farmers market in the Fox Valley, it is the most popular.

How to Make a Fast Food Burger – That is REALLY Good!

How to Make a Fast Food Burger

I’d like to think I know a thing or two about making burgers. I once owned a gourmet burger truck, but it turned out I was a better burger flipper than a mechanic. Though, in preparation for this colossal headache I made burgers everyday for over 6 months straight. True story.

The Imperfect Food Blogger’s Blueberry Rhubarb Pie

Rhubarb Blueberry Pie

As a food blogger, I am inherently perfect at everything. I was born with an oven mitt in one hand, and a spatula in the other. My first words uttered were, “Bon Appetite!”, coaxed out of me by none other than Julia Child who served as my nanny, feeding me a steady diet of sweet…

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Sai Ram Indian Cuisine Review – Appleton WI

Sai Ram Appleton Wisconsin

Some days, even when you feel like cooking, you don’t feel like cooking. Do you know what I mean? I spent much of the afternoon working in my kitchen. I made a few dishes for the blog and ended up just putting them in the fridge. Sometimes you just crave someone else’s food, sometimes you…

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