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How to Make Coffee with a Coffee Maker Better
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How to Make Coffee with a Coffee Maker - Better

Even if you have been brewing coffee for years, these tips and tricks will teach you how to make coffee with a coffee maker better. Ready for the best coffee of your life?
Prep Time2 mins
Cook Time5 mins
Total Time7 mins
Course: Drink
Cuisine: American
Servings: 8
Calories: 1kcal


  • Drip Coffee Maker
  • Paper filter
  • Burr Coffee Grinder


  • Freshly roasted coffee beans
  • Filtered water


  • Using a burr grinder, grind the coffee beans needed for your pot of coffee immediately prior to brewing to a medium grind.
  • Place a coffee filter in the filter basket of a coffee maker certified to brew between 195-200 degrees and add 6 ounces of water per 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee (depending on personal taste) to the water reservoir.
  • Turn on the coffee maker and let brew until finished.
  • Enjoy your coffee immediately. Letting it sit on the burner will add an increasingly burnt taste.


As a general rule, I think a medium grind is the best grind size for most coffee makers, but you can use a coarser grind, or a fine grind, in your drip machine as it fits your taste.
Coffee is best enjoyed immediately after brewing. It will burn as it sits on the heating element. If you are not going to drink it immediately, transfer it into a thermal carafe to keep your coffee hot.


Calories: 1kcal