Zuppas – Review

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Do you ever feel like there is a party going on without you? Well, there is and it is at Zuppas by Copps in Neenah. Up until recently I had never heard of Zuppas. A co-worker from Neenah told me about it and highly recommended it so on my next day off I stopped in for lunch.

This was definitely one party I was late to. When I arrived there was nowhere to park and the place was packed. I ended up circling the building to find a spot opening up; that was certainly a good sign.

I had been drooling over their menu for the past few days so I already knew what I was going to order. However there was hardly a thing on the menu that didn’t tempt my taste buds. The menu was filled with unique offerings like “Ham and Brie with Apricot Mayo on Pretzel Bread” that you just won’t find elsewhere in the valley.

I ordered the Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich along with a cup of Lobster Bisque. I was happy to see I could get a half sandwich and soup as a combo because I really wanted to try multiple offerings.

My first pleasant surprise came with the food. Homemade potato chips!!! Who does that?! They got big brownie points for their efforts there.

My smoked turkey breast sandwich was not the type your mom packed in your lunch before school (Not unless your mom was Ina Garten). This smoked turkey sandwich included thin slices of pear, crisp greens, herbed cream cheese and cranberry mayo on cranberry walnut multigrain bread. The condiments were provided in side containers which was great because the excess makes a great dip for your homemade chips.

My lobster bisque was equally enjoyable. Northeast Wisconsin is not exactly famous for our lobster dishes, so I was not going to be surprised if I found all lobster flavor drowned out by cheese. Instead, it was super creamy and had a distinct lobster aroma and taste. I doubt that will be the last time I have that soup.

My only regret about this place was that I didn’t read their daily specials until after I got home. Otherwise I would have seen their panini offering “Roast Beef with Apples, Bacon, and Habanero Jack Cheese”. I sure hope they offer that again soon when I have a day off because that sounds like it will be exploding with flavors that I love.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of what this restaurant offers (Private dining anyone?). I expect I will be going back to Zuppas multiple times in the near future to explore other culinary adventures on their menu. There are just too many interesting menu items that will nag at me if gone untasted. Hopefully I will see you there too.

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  1. Denise Germain says

    Next time you try it, let me know. I work just down the street (well, about a mile or two) and love their food. I’ve frequently been very happy with their Quesadilla of the Day. And their selection of salad toppings is awesome.

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