Vinny’s Pizza & Pasta – Review

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My mother just returned from a 9 day vacation biking across the state of Michigan. Having not talked much the past few weeks we decided to catch up over some pizza. She invited me to Vinny’s Pizza & Pasta in Greenville which neither of has yet been to. We were both excited to try it since we had heard nothing but praise for their Medina location.

Coming on a Sunday evening we were the only customers there when we arrived. Upon greeting us with a smile the hostess quickly seated us and after perusing the menu we decided to share The Mediterranean, a thin crust specialty pizza our server recommended.

Starving and getting hungrier by the minute I couldn’t wait for our food to arrive. After all, this is exactly the type of restaurant I love… family owned, dough made from scratch, sauce made in-house, fresh ingredients. How could I not be excited?

So we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

(Keep in mind, we are the only ones at the restaurant.)

And waited.

Finally after 40 minutes our pizza arrived. Slightly concerned that it took a staff of four (that I counted) 40 minutes to make a wafer thin pizza that should take 10 minutes to bake, I politely asked my waitress if this was normal. Expecting her to apologize and explain that they accidentally dropped our first pizza on the floor, or that the chef had to quickly run to Italy to grab some more olive oil, she instead listed a litany of possible reasons that causes delays ranging from to-go orders, some crusts take longer to bake (we had ordered the thinnest crust) and also sometimes that oven cooks slow. It wasn’t really the apologetically reassuring answer I was expecting.

More disappointing than her answer was the food. The pizza crust reminded me of a pita chip. Rather than feeling like I was eating a pizza, I felt like I was eating a Mediterranean themed hors d’oeuvre cracker. For $17 I expect a pizza to be piled with toppings or bursting with flavor. This was neither. Even my very non-foodie mother commented that the sparsely covered pizza tasted bland. There were many bites that were nothing more than olive oil and pizza crust.

I don’t write reviews on every restaurant I go to, negative reviews in particular. I like to support family run businesses and I know owning a restaurant is hard enough without bloggers taking pot-shots from a distance. With that in mind, I wasn’t planning on writing this review either. I was instead just going to email the owners to inquire about the slow service, however when I went to their website I discovered they operate the only website in the year 2012 that does not provide an email address for customer comments. Maybe as a blogger that annoys me more than most, but I would think that in today’s world providing your customers an email for feedback should be par for the course.

Despite the sub-par experience I still desperately want to like Vinny’s for their scratch made offerings. We both agreed that we still see potential in the restaurant and are not convinced that one dish is indicative of the whole menu. As such we have decided to return again soon to try a more traditional thicker crust pizza to see how that stacks up. We hope to do it in the near future, and I promise to update this post with my findings.

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