Mylee’s Egg Roll House – Review

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I have been driving past Mylee’s Egg Roll House on Richmond St in Appleton multiple times a week since they’ve opened in March. Going there was always on my to-do list but whenever I had a chance to swing in I was just never hungry for the small appetizer style egg rolls I imagined them serving. However yesterday I finally stopped in for a bite and not only was the food bigger and the prices lower than imagined, I’ve been craving more ever since!

Mylee’s is as fancy of a restaurant as you would expect in an old Batteries Plus store. Walking in you will quickly find what the restaurant lacks in personality the owner more than makes up for. Behind the counter you will find Mylee herself – her beaming smile and bubbly personality is a good indication of the care she puts in her food.

When I told Mylee it was my first time visiting, she quickly grabbed a menu and enthusiastically gave me a quick rundown and recommendations of the offerings. The menu is fairly limited, but I don’t say that as a bad thing. Rather it reminds me of the phrasing, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Mylee has just a handful of food offerings but she does them very well.

I ordered one of the two combination platter offered: Two Egg Rolls & Chicken Fried Rice. While waiting for Mylee to get my drink and food I watched a gentleman, who I presume to be Mylee’s husband, hand-rolling additional egg rolls at a counter in the kitchen… Food made by hand, just what I like to see!

My first impression of the food was excellent. I could hardly believe the size of the egg roll or the amount of food I got for the price. My whole plate of food cost a measly $6, and I got the most expensive of the two combo platters! If you wish to just get the egg rolls, they can be ordered A la cart for just $1.50 each or you can stuff yourself on six large egg rolls for only $8.

I had a one chicken and one pork egg roll. They were perfectly fried with a light crispy exterior. I was thrilled to see they did not have that thick oil soaked exterior that many restaurants serve. The chicken fried rice was also nicely executed. The rice was still perfectly firm when it was served to me, not at all mushy or clumping together. I actually even enjoyed being served the food on a Styrofoam plate with a plastic fork, it just fit into the motif of Mylee’s serving great food for practically nothing.

If you are the type of person who enjoys hole-in-the-wall eateries that serve great food, I highly recommend Mylee’s Egg Roll House. Mylee is exceptionally warm, her food tastes great, the portions are generous, and the prices are low. That is the perfect recipe for an unpretentious eatery that lets the food speak for itself. I look forward to returning and exploring their dessert (“Nab Vam”) and bakery (“Longcheng Bread” and “Khaub Cij”) options as well. Though these are items I have never tried, I am excited to see what Mylee has in-store for my taste buds.

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