Cannovas Pizzeria Review

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I rarely have a reason I NEED to go to Neenah. However, I do like going there. It seems every time I am in Neenah it is because I am searching out a new restaurant someone recommended, and it rarely disappoints.

Recently I took a date to Cannovas Pizzeria, downtown Neenah – and other than her crazy ex-boyfriend sending me angry text messages throughout the evening– we had a great time. I had heard Cannovas has exceptional specialty pizzas and was interested in trying one. However my date is not as adventurous of a foodie as I am, so I opted for a pepperoni pizza as a safe choice we could both enjoy. To provide a little more variety, I also ordered the Bruschetta appetizer, and I am glad I did.

Cannovas Pizzeria

The bruschetta arrived first and it was as delicious as it was visually appealing. The crisp toast was tantalizingly buttery and piled high with bright tasting tomatoes and gooey cheese. I had to remind myself to scarf it down slowly so I wouldn’t embarrass the pretty girl sitting next to me.

Right on schedule the pizza arrived next. I appreciated the extra attention to detail the server took to not only bring the pizza to our table, but also to serve each of us our first piece. The pizza did not disappoint. The crust was soft and almost flaky, yet it easily stood up to the sauce and toppings it carried. The pizza sauce was exceptional, tasting fresh and bright, this was clearly no jar of Ragu.

Cannovas Pepperoni

One thought kept running through my head as I continued to consume each slice, “Pepperoni is my favorite pizza but I feel like this crust deserves better.” Perhaps it was the more elegant atmosphere of Cannovas, or maybe the exceptional pizza crust, but it just felt like I was selling myself short with a simple pepperoni pizza. Though I order pepperoni pretty much everywhere I go, it felt like going to a Ruth Chris Steakhouse and ordering a cheeseburger. Next time I go to this refined pizzeria, I will likely order a more refined pizza to match the occasion.

I think Cannovas is a gem in the Fox Valley. You can get pizza anywhere, but Cannovas offers the unique opportunity to go on a classier date for a more affordable price. Let’s be honest, a lot of people don’t have an excess of extra money these days and a classy date may feel slightly out of your reach. You can easily spend $15 – 25 per entrée at a restaurant with a similar atmosphere, or for the price of one of those entrées you can order a pizza with an appetizer at Cannovas and you can forget about your pocketbook for a while and just focus on making her feel special.

Though hopefully your night will include a more romantic conclusion than arriving home to find a lunatic stealing your date’s car – Ah, the exciting life of the Fox Valley Foodie…

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