Look What I Found! The Cozzy Corner

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Yesterday I was taking my dog for a walk downtown Appleton and I stumbled on something exciting! A cool new restaurant opening next month, tucked away just off of College Avenue behind Acoca Coffee Shop, aptly named The Cozzy Corner.

The neon writing in the window spoke to my soul like good ol’ fashion southern revival – “BBQ Ribs, Fried Chicken, Cornbread”! Bust out the cast iron, Appleton’s getting some down-home southern comfort food!

I was minding my own business taking photos of other people’s windows and the owners inside spotted me. They invited my dog and I in to get my opinion on the height of the booth seats and settle their debate. I thought they felt just right, so if the restaurant fails because everyone hated the seating I’ll probably have to delete this post.

The owners had their two young kids helping out and the whole family was extremely friendly. It was a lot of fun talking with them about the restaurant and I could tell they were passionate about their venture. If their passion and personality comes through in their food, this restaurant will epitomize southern hospitality.

You can’t think of comfort food without thinking of the southern classics. How can you not be excited about a mom ‘n pop joint fixin’ you up some of these rib sticking meals from scratch? You can bet I’ll be at The Cozzy Corner shortly after they open, and you can expect a review to follow. Oh, and if you check them out, please be sure to compliment them on the height of the booth seats.

P.S. Restaurateurs – It pays to be nice to strangers, you never know when you are entertaining a food blogger.

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  1. Katherine M says

    I ate dinner there this evening. The place was BUSY, and the happy and friendly owner told one of the many customers in line “I had no idea so many people had HEARD about this place.” The ribs were good as were the fried chicken wings. Sides we tried included yams (YUM!), red beans and rice (very good!) mac and cheese (needed a bit more cheese) and baked beans (sorta ordinary.) Overall, a VERY good initial outing to a restaurant just three days in business, something I ordinarily try to avoid. Given the huge number of customers, I would say Appleton was way overdue for a good soul food/Southern food restaurant.

  2. Fox Valley Foodie says

    I’m happy to hear some good initial reports about Cozzy Corner. I have high hopes for their food and I’m hoping to go there next week. I completely agree that Appleton is way overdue for a little more variety in its restaurant scene.

    As far as I know this place has no website or Facebook page, the only web presence they seem to have is my blog post and some Post Crescent write-ups. If anyone finds their website or phone number, please let me know.

    • Katherine M says

      A follow up to my last post about Cozzy Corner. We ate there again tonight, and the place seems to have really found its groove. We had ribs, pulled pork and fried chicken, as well as sides of candied yams (SOOOOO good), coleslaw (the really good stuff!), mac and cheese (fresh, hot and cheesier than the first visit), and this Northern girl tried collard greens for the first time. Be forewarned, there is a little spice in those greens but they were well cooked and tasty. The pulled pork was moist and delicious. The ribs were really meaty and had a nice bark on them. And the fried chicken??? A certain colonel should be worried! I talked to the owner, Natasha, and she said the phone number should be up and working on Thursday. I really encourage you to give this place a try!

  3. Steve says

    Ate there today. I went with a Big Jess — Smoked sausage, Pulled Pork and Cole slaw on a bun, with a side of Yams and Greens. I also had to get a plate of the Peach Cobbler.

    My review is simple… I’ll be back and be back often. Wonderful food, fantastic service! This might be one of the most welcoming restaurants I’ve been to in awhile.

    I’m very happy to finally have soul food in Appleton.

  4. Kathy Flores says

    I’ve eaten there a few times since they have opened because it has become my new favorite restaurant. The food is so flavorful, comforting and served in large portions. And of course, Natasha and her whole family welcome each person into the place with joy and warmth.

    While I have eaten ribs, chicken and all the sides, my vegan partner was able to enjoy the sweet potatoes, green beans and fried okra.

    And they also do catering!

  5. Terrie Cusick says

    I had dinner there last Sat. night w/ my 15 yr. old daughter. Since we are from the south and have been living here now for 3 yrs. I was very excited! I had fried chicken, red beans and rice, mac n cheese and of course some corn bread. My daughter had the BBQ and fries. This place is PERFECT, the meals are huge and the prices just right! To save the best for last, the food was right on! So good. Thank you for making me feel like I am back home in Jax. Florida. Will be back this wknd. to try out the peach cobbler!

  6. J.W. ALLEN says

    Moved here from Mississippi about 5 years ago. We have been looking for catfish/hush puppies and thank heavens, we found y’all! Best catfish in years. Banana pudding – slap yo mama good!

    Thanks Cozzy!

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